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Duo Candle Bundle

Scent and shade
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The cutest pair ever! With our Duo Candle Bundle you will get one big and one small candle in the same scent. Available in three scents: Baby powder, Chai and Cocoa. 



Handmade with non-toxic soy wax and organic beeswax with phthalate and paraben free fragrance oil and organic cotton wicks.


Big curves - 15cm tall 6.5cm wide

Small curves - 9cm tall 4.5 cm wide

Care information

Please keep in mind all candles are made to be for décor however if decided to burn here are a few tips!

- trim wick to 1/4 tall before burning.

- burn on a candle plate or any heat safe surface.

- do not leave unattended and keep out of reach from pets and children.

How to take care as a décor:

- place in a cool dry place avoiding direct sunlight